Add licenses to deployable package (pipeline)

Add licenses to deployable package

- In the relevant branch create the Licenses folder
- add all required license files to that folder (txt files). If you have a deployable package with licenses you can get txt files from that deployable zip package (AosService\Scripts\License)
- find the existing " Add Licenses to Deployable Package" step in the pipeline or add it
- step should be placed just before Publish Artifact: Packages step
- modify " Add Licenses to Deployable Package" step
Check workspace mappings ( Get sources step), in this case, it is getting sources directly to $(Build.SourcesDirectory):
Therefore Search pattern should be:
Check Copy Files to: Staging Directory to identify the location:
Go to any successful pipeline run details and open Related/N published
Expand the Packages folder and see the exact package name:

Take note that the file name consists of (separated by underscore)
  • AXDeployableRuntime
  • Build number of D365 F&SCM platform
  • Build number (pipeline)
Set Filename and path:
Final look of the Add licenses to Deployable Package step:
If you want to automate platform build number as well - follow the steps in the end.
- make a test pipeline run and download the prepared zip package, make sure that under AosService\Scripts\License it contains relevant license files

Automate Platform build number

- add new variable PlatformBuildVersion
- add additional task PowerShell and call is " PowerShell Script - set PlatformBuildVersion"

- place step before Add Licenses to Deployable Package:

- change step properties:
Switch Type to Inline
Add-Type -Path "K:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory\bin\Microsoft.Dynamics.BusinessPlatform.ProductInformation.Provider.dll"
[Microsoft.Dynamics.BusinessPlatform.ProductInformation.Provider.ProductInfoProvider] $provider = [Microsoft.Dynamics.BusinessPlatform.ProductInformation.Provider.ProductInfoProvider]::get_Provider();
$PlatBuild = $provider.PlatformBuildVersion
Write-Host $PlatBuild
Write-Host "##vso[task.setvariable variable=PlatformBuildVersion]$PlatBuild"

- change Filename and path property of Add licenses to Deployable Package step to:




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