AX 2012 Number sequence DataTypeName

Use the following code to add DataTypeName to a Number sequence references export from AX 2012:
static void VKTest(Args _args)
    IO  iO;
    FilenameOpen        filename = "c:\\_temp\\number seq references v2.csv";
    FilenameOpen        filenameWrite = "c:\\_temp\\number seq references v2 extended.csv";
    Container           record;
    Container           recordWrite;
    int                 recordCounter = 0;
    int                 dataType;
    str                 dataTypeName = 'DATATYPENAME';
    CommaTextIo         fileWrite;
    FileIoPermission    perm;
    iO = new CommaTextIo(filename,#IO_Read);
    if (!iO || iO.status() != IO_Status::Ok)
        throw error("@SYS19358");
    perm = new FileIoPermission(filenameWrite, #io_write);
    fileWrite = new CommaTextIo(filenameWrite, #io_write);
    if (!fileWrite || fileWrite.status() != IO_Status::Ok)
        throw error("@SYS19358");
    while (iO.status() == IO_Status::Ok)
        record =; //To read file
        if (recordCounter)
            dataType = conpeek(record, 9);
            dataTypeName = extendedTypeId2Name(dataType);
        recordWrite = record + dataTypeName;
    //info(strFmt("%1", extendedTypeId2Name(1295)));
AX 2012 Read / Write CSV file



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